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Background Information:

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Empire Executive Associates, Inc. is a Future Commercial and Residential Builder & Developer and is currently going to Rent out Luxury Vacation Units in the U.S. Virgin Islands!

At Empire Executive Associates, Inc.

We Believe In Providing the Best Services Available on the Market Today.

Empire Executive Associates, Inc. works with you to provide the solutions you will need at a price you can afford.

We at Empire Executive Associates, Inc. will construct custom homes, condominium complexes, multi-family units, hotels, motels, restaurants, shopping malls, hospitals, office buildings, and many other commercial structures on the United States Main Land, U.S. Virgin Islands, and any other Caribbean Destinations as far as South America.

Empire Structural Systems, LLC are in the progress of opening up a Structural Insulated Panels Manufacturing Plant on the beautiful island of St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands that will result in us bringing down affordable housing and commercial structures to a highly needed construction market! 

The Seven Wonder Vacation Luxury Units will be constructed out of this product.  Website for this product is

Our company will partner with the customer to improve the overrall company's efficiency, productivity and the bottom line.

Serving you as the customer effectively is our top priority. Prior to beginning work with you, we will meet to understand the scope of your needs, your budget, and your time line. We will share our methodology so you have a clear understanding of how Empire Executive Associates, Inc.. will work with you to achieve your business and vacation goals.

RESIDENTIAL: Architecture/Engineering, Cabinetry & Woodwork, Building, Foundation, Carpeting, Construction, Cleanup, Concrete & Paving Demolition, Counter tops, Grading Deck/Patio, Home Addition, Drywall, New Construction, Fencing, Residential Framing, Flooring, Garage Doors, Home Improvement, Home Technology, Insulation Services, Kitchen/Bathroom Remodeling, Landscape & Irrigation, Masonry & Brick Work, Painting Restoration, Roofing, Siding Spa/Jacuzzi/Hot Tub Swimming, Windows & Doors, Electrical Fire/Water damage, Handyman Services, Plumber Septic System, Snow Removal, and Water Heater and HVAC system installation.


Services: Empire Executive Associates, Inc. will provide all types of Construction Services for residential and commercial projects which includes:

1) Consulting Services for the Project or Job 2)Construction Specialist in Stick Building, Open Panel Construction-Pre-Engineered Home Building, Cement Block Building, Foam Building, SIPS (Structural Insulated Panels, and Dome Building for all residential and commercial structures, 3) Field Superintendent Services which will be responsible for all of the Sub Contracting and will direct all construction activities, 4) Project Management Services, 5) Cost Management Accounting Services which will be responsible for the cash flow, capital and budget of the total project for the Project Owner!

COMMERCIAL: Airport Construction, Athletic Facilities, Church Construction, Commercial Architect,Commercial Fencing, Commercial Framing, Concrete Construction, Concrete Cutting, Drilling Engineering Services, Church Renovation, Commercial Drywall, Commercial Fire Sprinklers, Commercial Insulation, Commercial Landscapers, Commercial Masonry, Commercial Painting, Hospital Renovation, Hotel Renovation, Multifamily Construction, Commercial HVAC, Excavation & Grading, Flex/Tech, Construction Golf Course, Construction Industrial Plant, Office Building Construction, Parking Garage/Lots, Restaurant/Bar Construction, Tennis Court Construction, Warehouse Construction, Welding & Metal Cutting, Office Building Renovation, and Retail Remodeling.


Profile: Empire Executive Associates, Inc. is a full service construction firm specializing in managing high image, technically difficult projects, and large financial projects. We have been in business since 1995 and operated exclusively in New Market, Maryland, Baltimore City, Maryland and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Empire Executive Associates, Inc.use a variety of delivery methods to meet specific needs of clients including construction management, program management, design-build and general contracting. No matter what the delivery method is, Empire Executive Associates, Inc.take projects from concept to completion and save our clients time and money.


Diverse Markets: From offices to churches, schools to elder care facilities, Empire Executive Associates, Inc. has consulted in the planning of a wide range of facilities. We serve both private and public markets and deliver outstanding values with our depth of experience on projects large and small. We have extensive experience in delivering challenging projects for health care, elder care, corporate, commercial, religious and educational clients.


Early Involvement: Empire Executive Associates, Inc. get involved in projects early in the design phase, responsible for cost estimating, budgeting, value management, scheduling, bid management, construction consulting, and contract administration. Bringing our expertise to the table early in the design process permits us to use our real-world experience to recommend systems and materials, evaluate alternate designs, estimate construction costs with accuracy and to most of all to get the best bids.


" Value-Led" Being "Value-Led" is the heart of Empire Executive Associates, Inc. success. Some of the company's principal values-putting client interests first, keeping commitments made, making sure everyone wins, doing whatever it takes, valuing and respecting others, doing it the safe way-have built our company's growing reputation.

Team Collaboration: Our business is all about teams and our success has been built on the strong teamwork we have forged on every one of our projects. We understand that each team member the client, design professional and construction specialist - brings specific knowledge and strength to the project team. We stress an approach that builds on these strengths, enabling all members to work closely and efficiently as a team specifically assembled to deliver the project. The advantages of this approach stem from trust and cooperation between owner, architect and the general contractor.

The Benefits are:

  1. *Complete control over all aspects of your project...

  2. *Architect and constructor each working in your best interest...

  3. *Collaboration rather than confrontation...

  4. *Effective delivery of high quality for a defined cost...

  5. *Careful attention to design integrity...

  6. *Shortened overall project time...

  7. *Real-life construction input during design work...

  8. *Cost commitment early in design phase...

  9. *Continuous review of construction documents...

  10. *Our teamwork method integrates design and construction services, building a strategic consensus that balances function, budget, consulting, and design resulting in highly satisfied users and award-winning structures.

Our Values: Our company and its principals, are all Pre-engineered Open Panel Construction Specialist that have been specializing in building custom homes, office buildings, condominium units, hotels, churches, and all other commercial structures during the past five years in the Washington, D.C. metro area, and in the Caribbean mainly in the United States Virgin Islands.


In Empire Executive Associates, Inc. you might say that we have incorporated ourselves and our personal values and integrity. Today, more than one decade later, we have grown, but we share Mr. Potter and Mrs. Wheeler feelings about Empire Executive Associates, Inc. It is a reflection of ourselves: our values and our integrity. Empire Executive Associates, Inc. is a company of experienced construction professionals. Many of us have deep roots in construction either because we have decades of experience or because we are the first generation of our families to work in construction.


It is in our blood. Many of us have been together a long time, and we share a code of conduct. It is based on the things we agree are important as we work with one another, our clients and our vendors. When we recruit a new team member, we look for someone who subscribes to the principles we insist on following. We have included them here so you will know what you can expect from us and what we expect from ourselves.


Everything we do, each day, springs from our Principles: Put client interests first. We think extraordinary client service is the best way to build business, so we put customers first. By focusing on what customers want, we know the bottom line will take care of itself. Everyone here understands that. We do more than build buildings. We try to provide top notch customer service that is so exceptional and is second to none that you'll come back to us again and again, as well as share your experience with others. Our efforts pay off- more than 80% of our work is repeat business and referrals.


Keep Commitments Made: When you hire us, you can't see or touch our product. You have to trust that you're going to get what has been promised. We know we must uphold that trust by fulfilling every commitment we make. Each of us accepts personal accountability for your project and for your satisfaction. We will handle your resources responsibly, honestly and equitably. We will be completely candid, clear and forthright in all communication saying what we mean, meaning what we say.


Make sure everyone wins: We recognize that each player on the construction team - owner, designer, and contractor - brings unique insights and abilities to a project. Successful projects require cooperation and give and take from all parties. By working together, we can build your project with fewer changes and fewer headaches- providing you with the greatest value.


Do Whatever It Takes: We are not set in our ways. We will turn procedures and schedules inside out to accommodate your needs. Special requirements-like staying in operation during a major reconstruction-do not faze us. We just do what it takes to get the job done to your satisfaction. We strive to anticipate and prevent problems. If they do occur, we focus on solutions and alternatives, not placing blame.


Value And Respect Others: We are only as good as our workforce and our subcontractors. That's why we go out of our way to treat everybody right-not just customers. For example, we invest more than the industry average in training. We stress teamwork, mutual respect and communication strongly, and internally as we do externally. We share company goals, plans and prospects with all employees. As a result, we have a stable, experienced workforce that shares our values and delivers top quality and services to our clients. We treat subcontractors right too, providing accurate bidding information, scheduling them properly and paying them on time. In return, they give our clients their best.


Do It The Safe Way: Because we care about our people, we make sure they have a safe place to work and know how to work safely. We insist on that. Our goal is zero injuries. Furthermore, a safe job is better organized, more productive and promotes high quality work. That's no accident.


We also Specializie in Investment Projects!

Looking for an Investment Project Partners, we are the Guys to Work With!!!

We have a Main Land & Caribbean Consortium Teams that will put the Investment package deals together for the Business Consulting Portion, Construction, and we also have Real-Estate Contacts for any of the U.S. Virgin Islands' Investments and Main Land Ventures, we do not do the Financing Portion but that will come later on...

Looking for Silent and Investor Capitalists to Join Us!

Contact Us: Hours of Operation 8AM-6PM Monday-Sunday.

Our Address: 6801 Balmoral Court New Market, Md. 21774

For Questions regarding Sales, Consulting, Investing, or Services

Please do not hesitate to call us anytime or 24 Hours a day at 1-866-213-8315 or (240) 449-9162

and ask for Mr. Potter or Just Email at or